17 Dec New Mermaid Tail Blankets Exclusively on Yandy.com :)

Are you ready to get the perfect mermaid image2-11gift for your mermaid loving friends?! Or, do you just NEED a cuddly mermaid tail blanket of your own?! J. Valentine has teamed up with Yandy.com to bring you the cuddliest mermaid blanket you’ll ever wear, AND it’s complete with cute 3D mermaid shell pockets!

Of course because I was in Myrtle Beach traveling, I had to take a few shots right on the sand! I paired the blanket with our CC400-Shell Top in Green/Gold which you can also purchase on Yandy: Yandy.com/JValentineMermaidShellTop


Even though you wouldn’t think about taking this blanket on the beach, it was so comfy and warm to wear on the sand! Because it’s a blanket cuddle material, the sand shakes right off as it would a beach blanket! 🙂 It’s perfect to curl up at a Beach Campfire! The fluke fin and top of the blanket is composed of a green dot textured cuddle fabric, while the body and shell pockets are a smooth cuddle fabric! Here’s a close up of the ADORABLE pop out shell pockets!

Obviously, it’s Winter Time…so most of you who buy this exclusive J. Valentine Yandy Mermaid Blanket will be curling up at home with your PUP (and not at the beach)! So I took some home photos with Bon Bon the Frenchie!!

I hope all of you mermaid dreamers out there pick one of these up for yourself or a mermaid friend!  And, if you didn’t already see the links above, here are the direct links to the Mermaid Tail Blankets on Yandy!:

Purple and Green Mermaid Blanket

Pink, Turquoise, and Green Mermaid Blanket

Happy Holidays!!!