12 Oct J.Valentine Halloween Faves

J.Valentine Costumes have one thing in common with one another – they all SCREAM J. VALENTINE! 🙂 What does that mean, and what can you expect when you get your J. Valentine Costume?  You can expect the quality to be AMAZING, and you might expect them to be a little on the sexy side!  Here’s some our fun favorites!

First up is our Cartoon Puppy Dog!!  This Yellow Cartoon Puppy Dog Romper is warm and cuddly! It has a built in hood, adorable long floppy ears, and the perfect puppy tail! This outfit is SO adorable that I almost want to pair it with some leggings underneath and boots and see if I could get away with wearing it to Disneyland! 🙂

Keeping on with the cartoon feel – let’s not forget our light up faerie! This costume is legitimately one of the most spectacular light up faeries out there! The bodysuit is fully padded, the organza tutu lights up in a snap, and the costume is topped off with he vinyl wings!

Now onto some basics!  Who hasn’t seen a cute little Scare Crow for Halloween? Our Scarecrow Costume SCREAMS Hubba HUBBA with our little lace up suspender booty shorts and off shoulder red and white crop top! Comes complete with a cute scare crow hat!  I put on some traditional scare crow makeup!!! Also, I have to add – the quality of this costume is INSANELY good! That’s what I love about being a part of this brand – our products don’t have the costume(y) feel to them!

Lastly, our Student Body School Girl Romper has been a tried and true great seller over the years! Sometimes, I like to pair J Val costumes with other pieces, so I took a studded leather jacket and some silly lil clear glasses to complete my look. You can actually pair this little romper with a TON of different options!

Tell us what is your favorite J Valentine Costume?