27 Sep Customer Spotlight: Trendy Wendy

If you have ever been to Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA then you probably have been in or passed by one of the raddest family owned boutiques on the Planet – Trendy Wendy!  We wanted to do a Customer Spotlight on this Boutique and Lisa Chang (leader of the Pack!). Here’s a fun Q & A Interview for our followers to get to know Lisa Chang & Trendy Wendy even more!

J. Valentine Team Q: Tell us a little bit about about the back story of Trendy Wendy; IE: How did you start? How long have you been in business? etc.

LISA CHANG/Trendy Wendy A: Our family has been in business in the Seattle area since 1988. We already owned Broadway Boutique which was open from 1992 to 2013 one block down, and a store called Rockin’ Betty’s, 2 blocks up from Trendy Wendy now from 1999 to 2004 until the mall became a supermarket. I opened Trendy Wendy in 2001 when a great space became available and I knew I could bring exciting new lines to Seattle away from the chain stores. I picked the name from a blurb in a British Tattler magazine that called “Trendy Wendys, girls who need to have everything” as far as fashion trend. A lot of people think my name is Wendy, but I would never name a store after myself. Rockin’ Betty’s was a combination of a lipstick and my hairdresser.

J. Valentine Team Q: That’s SO Awesome! How did you hear about  the J. Valentine Brand, and what sparked your first order?

I first saw J.Valentine at my first ILS (International Lingerie Show) when I was in search of more burlesque and dance wear and it was a candy land of fun clothing, I wanted everything! To this day, Judy has the best quality and future trend of ravewear.

For those of you who don’t know, Lisa Chang is quite the twitter personality! She’s basically live tweeted with William Shatner… Lisa, did you know that Judy Valentine was actually a Twitter fan of you and THEN found out that you were a customer?

No, I had no idea! What’s really funny is, my first time meeting William Shatner was a media party in Beverly Hills and he said “Hello, I’m Bill.” and I was so shocked, I said “Yes you are! And thank you for having Priceline afford my lifestyle!” He started livetweeting CW shows my friends either make or cover in journalism and I shockingly tweeted a friend about him and he interupted our conversation on Twitter! THAT ended up in an article in The Washington Post along with my tweets. I’ve gotten into some other twitter shenanigans since with other celebs but CAPTAIN KIRK! He’s my fave.

No big deal,but just check out Lisa’s personalized Chop Stick’s from Chef Joseph Elevado’s restaurant, Andrea’s at the Wynn in Las Vegas! WHO GETS SOMETHING LIK THAT?!?!?!?!  Lisa Chang do

Have you stumbled upon a mirrored Universe? You lead quite an exciting, crazy, and busy life. How do you manage running your store, doing all of the purchasing, and you still find time to be the 6 Degrees of Lisa Chang?! 

hahahah my Mom helps out when I’m on my adventures and we also have a great staff who let me go live my secret life. But I did entertainment public relations, appearance bookings and party planning all while running the store. I’m an insomniac so I would be up late in bed planning parties for 300 in Hollywood, while I’m in Seattle then fly into LA and tie in buying trips with fundraisers, parties and events like Gay Pride, especially when Prop 8 was in the forefront. Not only is our store in Seattle’s original gay community of Capitol Hill, but I’ve learned to honor and respect my gay friends’ rights at an early age. No matter how gentrification may change our neighborhood, a gay person, especially young teens more than ever with their parents or people from further away who don’t have access to buying rainbow or Pride items will find them year round in the store. With rave culture so accepting of everyone and the popularity of rainbows, Katy Perry and a Unicorn exploding is how the store looks year round.

Lisa truly is part of the J. Val family as well!!!!!

Thanks SO much Lisa Chang, for taking time to answer our questions!!!!! For those of you who would like to go visit Trendy Wendy in person and/or follow the Social Media adventures of Lisa Chang here is the information listed:

Capitol Hill Address:
Trendy Wendy
211 Broadway E,
Seattle, WA 98102

Links for Trendy Wendy & Lisa Chang: