07 Mar Customer Spotlight: iHeartRaves

We wanted to take a moment and put a customer spotlight on a very unique company that we have the pleasure of working with: iHeartRaves. We have worked with this team since 2014, and it’s been an incredible ride.

They have dedicated their time to making the Rave and Festival scene burst with the coolest new festival trends before anyone else even sees them. I myself, have had late night conversations with them regarding shipping schedules, new style ideas, and last minute brainstorms and let me tell you — this team never stops working because they LOVE what they do!

You may be familiar with their other company  Emazing Lights – the #1 Leader in Gloving and Light Shows since they were featured on The Shark Tank!  Catch a sneak peek of the video here:

How do you get to that level of gathering an entire team of people that unitedly do such a fantastic job? They blame it on the Music! Check out this excerpt from their website:

Each member of the iHeartRaves team shares a love of dance music and lives for late night festival adventures. Our passion for dance music and rave apparel inspires us to design, create, and supply the most innovative products in music festival clothing for ravers across the globe. We truly value the culture of the EDM community and are dedicated to the growth. This is a community we hold close to our hearts. It’s very important to us that we stay heavily involved in the EDM scene so that we are able to thoughtfully curate our collections and provide ravers with a way to showcase their personal style through rave clothes. Dance your heart out and keep it PLUR.

We recently did both a collab and a pre-release with the iHeart team, and we were pretty thrilled to check out their shots to promote their “Majestic AF Collection:

Some of these items – you will be seeing in our new Firefly Sanctuary line, but others you’ll only be able to find exclusively with iHeartRaves! We look forward to doing many collabs with them in the future. To shop our J. Valentine styles on iHeartRaves, click the link below:


Thanks for checking out our Customer Spotlight, stay Tuned for more!