08 Jun Light-Up Dusters & China Lights!

I was riding down a busy road in the city of Nashville one night in May, and passed by some larger than life Chinese Lanterns, Dragons, and other beautiful rainbow flickering lights out on the Nashville Fairgrounds. I immediately googled what it was we were looking at from the car (obviously I wasn’t the one driving). What we were seeing was the set up of the China Lights Festival – which celebrates the art, skill, and beauty of traditional Chinese Lantern festivals that have been celebrated for the last 400 years.

Of course – I returned within days, this time wearing two outrageous pieces from our 2017 Firefly Sanctuary Collection: Our Light-Up Sequin Mesh Duster in Aqua/Silver Star & our Holographic Foil Catsuit and dashed all around the festival with my husband aka photographer! Check out some of the amazing pictures of tulips, giant swans, lily pads, dragons, and more.

What I love most about this light up duster is how magical it made me feel; almost like I was a part of the festival.  The floor length fit is great with a tight catsuit; I love wearing a tight piece and pairing it with something flowy. But, I really want to point out how the hood of the duster has the perfect draping fit! Have you ever bought something online that has a hood; and when you receive it, the hood is ill fitting and/or too small? Yeah…not cool! We take our hoods seriously at J Val.

Check out all of our hooded dusters in our Firefly Sanctuary 2017 collection and keep checking back for more blogs on new styles from J. Valentine!